The Urban Cafe discuss "The Business of Church" no more tax what?

The Urban Cafe Jul 14 2013 9:00AM - 10:00AM Add to Calendar

This week on the Urban Cafe we're discussing the following topics:

CALLED TO PREACH: are their false prophets (hustlers) masquerading as men of God and taking advantage of people who are searching for spiritual guidance or instruction?

RELIGIOUS LEADERS: What other religions allow and their Pastors or Religious Leader to live such lavish lifestyles provide by the the giving of it's followers?

CHOOSING A CHURCH: How should a person choose a church home (conscious -vs- emotional) and what steps should they take in doing so.

MEMBER’S RESPONSIBILITY: What are the responsibilities of the members of the church in keeping a Pastor true to his or her word and duties to teach the right message?

CHURCH OR CULT: Why do some people fail to distinguish between the two and what red flags should a person look for when were making this distinction.

CHURCH & STATE: what role does the government play in molding a church into a business.

CALL TO ALTER: When opening the doors of the church is there any pressure to join a church that you may not know much about?

Tithes & Offering: Does this function of the church process offers any salvation or is it just a general revenue stream?

BUILDING A MEGA CHURCH: can the size of a church help or hinder a individuals opportunity to build a personal relationship with ones pastor?

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