VuHaus & WMNF

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WMNF was lucky enough to have Lydia Loveless play some songs for us.


WMNF debuted on VuHaus with performances from Fantastic Negrito & Derek Hoke on the Live Music Showcase.
Friday April 6, 2018 2-3pm. They were in town for the Safety Harbor SongFest!

VuHaus is a music discovery website put together by the biggest music oriented public radio stations in the country. So many beloved musicians get their start on community and public radio. You can visit WMNF’s VuHaus channel here! We can promote the powerful music scene in our listening area to the rest of the world through VuHaus, and invite musicians we love to join us on the airwaves. 

Fantastic Negrito’s personal story is really compelling, but even more compelling is his music – ranging from flat out ROCK with bluesy guitars to straight up blues then onward to soulful playing, he won NPR’s Tiny Desk contest and exploded on the scene a few years ago. He is fantastic and unpredictable to watch in concert.

So many musicians play live on WMNF. This is a super sweet way to get more people to know about them, and about WMNF. 

Five Eight on Saturday Asylum