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If you are tuning in for the first time I'd like to ask you to try The Dream Clinic out for three or four weekly episodes to get the full effect. For many years I have brought to the airwaves one of the most diverse playlists imaginable... music from a timespan of almost four decades... music from every continent on this Earth.

Music ranging from psychedelic to the blues to progressive rock to folk to good old hard and heavy rock! For the lack of a better description... you might call this show, "the soundtrack of my long ago wild and wicked youth!!" You could hear music from a rare 1968 LP... or music recorded one month ago by a band playing in the style of "my generation."

I'm Dennis Stone inviting you to take a chance on The Dream Clinic.. you won't be disappointed!

  • Host : Den
  • Broadcast channel: Tuesday, 8:00PM - 10:00PM


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Dream Clinic Special All-Nighter

The Dream Clinic had a special all-night edition on the HD4 digital channel Sept 4th - check it out at http://sound.wmnf.org/sound/hd4_specials/dreamclinic_special.m3u.




Dennis Stone

The Dream Clinic WMNF 88.5FM Tampa, Florida, USA Tuesday 9-11pm EST WMNF HOME PAGE www.wmnf.org THE DREAM CLINIC AT www.wmnf.org/programs/333 www.facebook.com/dreamclinic

The Dream Clinic is a community radio show dedicated to playing what I call "The Soundtrack of My Long Ago Wild and Wicked Youth"..:) It is mostly based on the music from the Sixties and Seventies. Whether it be actually recorded back then...or a new live recording by a band who touches on that certain sound...a mix of Progressive, Psychedelic and Bluesrock from around the world. The Dream Clinic features music which for some unknown reason has fallen through the cracks and has never been explored on the typical commercial radio shows. The show has its roots in a fellow named Tony Cona who started a late night show on WMNF called The Dream Clinic named after the title of a radio skit he and friends did. That was 1985. Later my friend Mark Kraemer hosted the show for about 7 years by himself...4 hours at a time each week. I started listening to WMNF in 1991 and was invited by Sixties Show host Dave Hill to present a set of my music on his show in the Fall of 1993. I was hooked ...:) I began volunteering for WMNF Marathons/etc....shortly thereafter met Mark Kraemer and found we had a lot in common musically....he invited me to The Dream Clinic and I never left...:) In the last 20 years several people have been involved with the show..Tony Cona, Mike Slosberg, Jim Orr, Walter Storch, Mark Kraemer and myself..Dennis Stone. For about the last 16 years or so it has been my project...keeping the Dream Flame alive! Since 1985 we've gone through WMNF timeslots from the "So Late Its Actually Early" 2am-6am shows on Tuesdays, Thursdays and ending up on Fridays 4-6am...onto to 4 different evening shows..Monday, Tuesday,Wednesdays and now back home on the WMNF Tuesday lineup. This year 2013 we have moved to 9-11pm...joining old friends to form Tie Dyed Tuesdays on WMNF 88.5FM. Its designed to be an all evening listening adventure beginning with Ed Greene's The Freak Show 7-9pm...followed by The Dream Clinic 9-11pm....In The Groove with Thor and Wayne wrap up with the Jam Bands 11pm-1am. SIX HOURS of Sixties to current Rock and Roll!!!! It is designed to be a weekly listen...something different each week...progressive, psychedelic, bluesrock, rare albums, live recordings, hard rock (remember hard rock before metal came along??)...lots of computer editing the sounds...all of these sounds connecting in my own musical imagination...you never know what you might hear on The Dream Clinic!!

Thanks for Listening to what I have to play.....Dennis Stone

I welcome your comments/requests and communication at.... dreamclinic@aol.com www.facebook.com/dreamclinic


To review each weeks edition of The Dream Clinic click the "Listen Now" button. Each weeks program will stay online until the following weeks show...you have a full week to review!!** Also look for the weekly show in WinRar links on www.facebook.com/dreamclinic and save each show to your own Dream Clinic Archives.