In the Groove

Jam Bands with your host Thor Bendickson

  • Host : Thor Bendickson
  • Broadcast channel: Tuesday, 10:00PM - 12:00AM
  • Contact us off-air at: or 813-238-8001x


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Thor Bendickson


I have been a lover of music since I can remember, and a supporter of WMNF since I first listened to the station and found it to be an incredible source of musical exploration.

The In The Groove show is my chance to give back to the community. I attend all of the live music events and festivals that I can, and have gained a love for the improvisational style and exciting collaborations that occur in the jam band scene. I do my best to share those sounds and moments with our listeners, hoping that I can turn you on to new bands, cool grooves, and tasty jams.

BTW, I moved to Tampa in 1974 from Northern Virginia. I went to Tampa Catholic (TC) High School and Florida State University (FSU), then came back to Tampa and have been here ever since (and probably will always be). I enjoy the beach, boating, camping, and watching sports, while I'm listening to music...