Grand National Championships Playlist for May 08, 2013

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deerhunter Leather Jacket II Monomania
The Pauses The Beginnings of Things Live on Grand National Championships
Saskatchewan Possession Occasion
Luke Chrisinger Comfort Tough-One A Dissident Rendition
Luke Chrisinger Elephants-Two A Dissident Rendition
Mikal Cronin Weight MCII
set break
Tera Melos Tropic Wave x-ed out
Flying Lotus Heave(n) until the quiet comes
Bad Veins Gold and Warm Bad Veins
The Happiness Machine Peace Hands Live on Grand National Championships
set break
Generationals When They Fight They Fight -
Grandaddy Saddest Vacant Lot In All The World Sumday
set break
Broncho Take Me Out Sometime Can't Get Past the Lips
Wolf-Face I Was a Teenage Werewolf/I'm a Son of a Bitch! Live on Grand National Championships
No Joy lizard kids wait to pleasure
matt pond Love to Get Used The Lives Inside the Lines Inside Your Hand
Twin Tigers Death Wish death wish
set break
set break
morning bell We Have Eyes as Well as Ears Boa Noite
Swimm Too Old Feel EP
Cats in the Basement godlovesex Doo Bee Doo La Dee Day Dum Be Dum Drink Your Blood
Zulu Wave Ignite Your Friends Nyami Nyami
The School Never Thought I'd See the Day Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything
Dirty Projectors two doves Bitte Orca