Surface Noise Playlist for March 27, 2013

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The Saints (I'm) Stranded (I'm) Stranded
the stranglers No More Heroes No More Heroes
Gang of Four Outside the Trains Don't Run on Time Solid Gold
Tubeway Army Listen to the Sirens Tubeway Army
The Damned Neat Neat Neat Damned Damned Damned
set break
The Birthday Party Dead Joe Junkyard
James White & The Blacks Stained Sheets Off White
set break
The Fall Two Steps Back Live at the Witch Trials
set break
Rat Cafeteria Mothman Pretend It's Ice Cream
Rat Cafeteria Spock's Ears Pretend It's Ice Cream
Rat Cafeteria Skull Crusher Pretend It's Ice Cream
Rat Cafeteria I Don't Wanna Die Pretend It's Ice Cream
set break
Pink Lincolns Let's Make A Deal Background Check
Triple XXX Girls Disco Bowling Triple XXX Girls (EP)
The Fons Things in Love S Talk E
David Alpha Sacrilege Sacrilege
set break
The Stick Figures N-Light (7'EP )
Nemb The Middle Room 45
Lene Lovich Home Stateless
set break
Iggy & The Stooges 'Shake Appeal' Raw Power
The Cramps Green Fuzz Psychedelic Jungle
Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers Chinese Rocks L.A.M.F. Revisited
set break
The Cocktail Mix The Cocktail Mix The Cocktail Mix
Laurie Johnson The Shake The Easy Project: 20 Loungecore Favourites
Laurie Johnson Invasion of the Earth Men Avengers [Original Soundtrack]
Laurie Johnson M1 (M-One) With a Vengeance
Laurie Johnson Gala Performance Music for TV Dinners
Laurie Johnson Avengers Tag The Sound Gallery, Vol. 2
set break
Dead Boys Sonic Reducer Young Loud and Snotty
Ramones Rockaway Beach Rocket to Russia