Psycho Realms Playlist for June 16, 2014

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Arch Enemy Time Is Black War Eternal
set break
Sepultura The Vatican The Mediator Between The Head And Hands Must Be The Heart
Septicflesh Confessions Of A Serial Killer Titan
set break
Corrosion of conformity On Your Way IX
Hellyeah Demons In The Dirt Blood for Blood
Kingdoom Another Thing Coming Stand Up Chameleon
set break
Noctum Temple of the Living Dead Final Sacrifice
Church Of Misery Cranley Gardens (Dennis Andrew Nilsen) Thy Kingdom Scum
set break
iron horse Enter Sandman fade to bluegrass-tribute to metallica
Success will write Apocalypse Across the Sky 10,000 Sermons, 1 Solution The Grand Partition and the Abrogation of Idolatry
born of osiris Follow The Signs The Discovery
Eye Hate God Agitation propaganda! Eye Hate God
Clutch Earth Rocker Earth Rocker
Brutality These Walls Shall Be Your Grave Screams of Anguish
Opeth godhead's lament Still Life
Must...Not...Kill Anthem Unleash Hell
Obituary Forces Realign Left To Die
jim parsons project koolaid single
Dag Nasty million days four on the floor
MSA MSA heart of gold
Mosquito Teeth bad grandma single
INDK feelin lucky punk in decay
Counted Out chupa cabra Rodeo Of Love
eat the turn buckle good to be the champ ettb
iron reagan the witch hill spoiled identity
Mastodon high road once more around the sun
Foreshadow The Meaning Of Life The Stranger End Of Death
Enombed Abnormally Diceased Left Hand Path
Gargamel! Da Devil's Bawlz Fields Of Happy
white witch Illusion WHITE WITCH
Gorgoroth Procreating Satan Twilight of the Idols
Vital Remains Dechristianize Dechristianize