Morning Energy Playlist for December 10, 2012

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Foals olympic airwaves Antidotes
Dirty Projectors Dance For You Swing Lo Magellan
Blanche Blanche Blanche Heroes of the Microphone Deluxe Double Fold
J Zagers The Catalyst & The Whisperer (Club Mix) Freedom Of Choice Compilation
The Rolling Stones Dandelion Through The Past Darkly Vol II
American Snakeskin L.A. Bird Turquoise for Hello
Otis Redding Rock Me Baby The Best of Otis Redding
Russian Tsarlag Cruising on Cardboard Midnight At Mary's House
set break
Cocteau Twins Pearly Dewdrops Drops Lullabies To Violane
Super Reverb The Technique Is Easy Super Reverb
CSS Patins Canseri Der Ser Sexy
Skeleton Warrior Gizeldra's Love Affair Seasons Of Nudity Split 12" w/Meager Sunlight
Merchandise Become What You Are Children of Desire
Daily Life Rogue Fate Necessary And Pathetic
Throbbing Gristle Invocation Eight Crepuscule Tracks
destroyer Blue Flower/Blue Flame Trouble In Dreams
The Magnetic Fields The Village in the Morning Get Lost
Neu! Crazy Neu! 4
David Vassalotti Mirror Book of Ghosts
Pornojumpstart Finished Complete Picture Perfect
Roomdance Disruptor Legacy Paradoxical Sleep
The Blow Parenthesis Paper Television
Blues Traveler Imagine