Residents want more input on proposed Walmart on Hillsborough Avenue in Seminole Heights

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Walmart is proposing a new store on Hillsborough Avenue, in Seminole Heights. But at Thursday’s Tampa City Council meeting a half a dozen residents, community organizers and business owners spoke against it, saying they have not been included in the decision-making process. Half the people in the audience stood up and applauded Pastor Essie Sims after he spoke during public comment.

“I won’t delay, but this is the one key points that most of the residents are here today for, is the good neighbor to neighbor mentality of openness and I guess transparency. Understand that we don’t have to, the merits of administration, does not have to have that as a public hearing, but I think that as a good neighbor, I think our residents should have also been included in the dialogue, and the conversations early on, and so some of their concerns should be heard, and I think that’s what your going to hear this morning, from many of these residents that have come behind me. It’s the fact that we felt that it needs to be a little more transparent and a little more neighbor to neighbor attitude from the administration. We thank you guys for hearing us this morning. Have a great day.”

Council member Frank Reddick said council and the public had been lied to and he suggested that council should take back the responsibility to issue beer and wine package sale permits from staff.