Rob Neff discusses his positive experience during a recent trip to Iran

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Radioactivity with Rob Lorei

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Good morning, welcome to WMNF’s Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei.
Since the US withdrew from the Iran nuclear agreement there has been rising tension between the two countries. In addition the proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia has heated up.
What is the situation inside Iran currently? What do Iranians think of Americans? That’s the topic today on Radioactivity. I’ll be speaking with Rob Neff who just returned from a two week visit to Iran.
 His family is originally from Sarasota, but he grew up in Saudi Arabia and now currently live in Baltimore, where is a grad student in the nursing program at Johns Hopkins University.  Neff recently returned from the Islamic Republic of Iran and says he had a very positive experience.  Additionally, he studied Arab politics at the Lebanese American University in Beirut and was a former Green Party candidate in Sarasota for a county office in 2016.