Solar Power & Power Outages

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On Monday’s Sustainable Living Program we talked about power outages, solar systems, generators, and our utility companies.

Our guests were the Florida Director for the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, Susan Glickman; and Dan Fink, a Professor of Solar Energy Technology at Ecotech Institute in Aurora Colorado. Dan is also a solar electric professional, small wind installer and Executive Director for Buckville Energy, which is an off-grid energy company.

Susan felt the power companies did a good job after hurricane Irma and explained that grid-tied solar systems have to shut down during outages because of safety issues. Susan mentioned that there are two new Florida Sun Solar Electric co-ops forming in the Tampa area.

Dan mentioned his school and the boom of renewable energy careers in the US. We spent the rest of the hour talking about solar electric systems that don’t rely on the grid, generators, and other options for power during power outages.
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