Meals on Wheels Executive Director Steven King on Midpoint Wednesday

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Rob Lorei interivews Steven King, Executive Director of Meals on Wheels of Tampa about proposed budget cuts

Last week the Trump administration unveiled its blueprint for a new federal budget. Domestic programs would be cut while military spending would receive a 10 percent increase. One of the domestic programs that would be cut would be Meals on Wheels, which every day feeds millions of shut-ins around the country. Nationwide, the cut to Meals on Wheels would be $3 billion. Earlier today, Rob checked in with Stephen King, executive director of Meals on Wheels of Tampa, and asked him whether the Tampa program would be cut.


Donald Trump’s techniques of hypnotism and persuasion

President Trump is using all his powers of persuasion to try to get House members to vote on the Ryan care/Trump care plan devised by members of the House. Scott Adams is a cartoonist — the creator of the Dilbert comic strip. His politics tend to be libertarian. He’s also a trained hypnotist. Before Donald Trump won the Republican nomination Adams did an interview with Reason TV describing how Donald Trump uses the techniques of hypnotism and persuasion to convince people to follow him. In light of what President Trump needs to do tomorrow, we’re going to listen back to that piece on how Donald Trump uses the techniques of hypnotism to convince.

To listen back to the 3/29/17 interview on Midpoint you can click here.