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Make an investment in WMNF Community Radio by becoming a sustaining supporter. Join the WMNF Circle of Friends and support WMNF with a monthly contribution. For as little as five dollars a month, you can set up your contribution to be automatically deducted from your checking account. No credit card fees, no interest charges, NO EXPIRATION DATES! It’s QUICK, it’s SECURE, and it makes it EASY for you to support WMNF.

Join the Circle of Friends

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If you wish to receive a thank-you gift for this first year of your pledge, you can select any of the gifts at the level of the one-year total of your ongoing gift (i.e., a $10-a-month Circle pledge, select your gift at the $120 level–t-shirts, Cd’s, etc.; WMNF Event Pass for 1 $500.00 at $41.66 per month; Event Pass for 2 $1000.00 at $83.33 per month).

Write the thank-you gift (include size for t-shirts) in the comments box. If you want your support to go to a particular program on WMNF, please put the show name in the comments box.

To start your Circle Of Friends contribution, complete the Authorization Agreement and return it with a voided check or complete the appropriate fields on the form. If you prefer, you can fax the form to us at 813-238-1802, scan the completed form or convert it to a .pdf file and attach it to an email or just drop it in the mail.

Email your completed form to gene@wmnf. Once we receive your form, the transaction will occur on the 1st Tuesday of the month. If you have any questions, or want to join the Circle with your credit card, please call Gene Moore, Membership Coordinator at 813-865-8264 or toll free 1- 855-239-1558.

We’ll thank you on the air for your contribution–if you wish to remain anonymous, please indicate in your comments. Please also let us know if you want a thank-you gift. If it is a t-shirt, make sure you let us know what size, gender, etc. Thank YOU.


Download Authorization Agreement