Sustainability in death- green burials

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Listen to June 28th, 2021 archive to listen to your options for green burials, a sustainable death.

They say nothing lasts forever…except embalming. It is a joke, but it hit home to those who care what happens to this earth long past when we are gone. 

Is there a green option in death? Is the typical modern conventional burial methods poisoning our soil?

With millions of acres dedicated to cemeteries, millions of acres of deforestation for caskets, and the environmental impacts of upkeeping the grounds… Learn about the options you have from Land preservation to cremation, death doulas to death cafes and burying on your own land.

Listen online for the discussion to the follow questions…..

Death is an essential part of life. It happens to each one of us. Why do we fear it?

The end of life, though heart-wrenching, can be beautiful. Death care?. What does that mean?

Our mortality, is our society disconnected from it?

Natural burial vs what we are doing now?

Returning the body to the land – What does that mean?

Why is it important to transform death into soil?

Why is death such a taboo topic?

Natural burial as a land conservation tool?