Aquaponics on the Sustainable Living program

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On Monday’s Sustainable Living Program we talked about aquaponics and hydroponic growing systems; how they work and how sustainable they are.

Our guests were  Paul Rabaut, a Hillsborough Community College Teacher and creator of Alafia Farms, one family’s effort to live sustainably;  Francisco Rivera, Hillsborough County’s, University of Florida Small Farms Extension Agent; Jim Gibson, with Cyrson Ranch Aquaponics and Author of  Aquaponics in a Changing World; and Peter Boudreaux, an Urban Homesteader specializing in Aquaponics.

This is what’s on Jim’s facebook:

I am certain that aquaponic production will not only become viable, but that it may be one of the most important scientific and social innovations of the 21st century”.

Also Jim talked about local food, jobs and how aquaponics creates a microsystem of sustainablity.

Some of the other information we talked about was sanitation; fish food: good and not so good; temperature; maggots; tilapia and other fish; and other information sources.

Check out the links below and we did get pictures of Peter’s (the hermit J)  aquaponic system in Pinellas County and posted them on the Sustainable Living Facebook Page.