Sustainable Living: Sustainability in Wellness

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On Monday’s (09/06/2021) Sustainable Living show, we caught up with the founders of The Collective in St. Pete Brittany George, Danie Mae, and Erin Yakunich and talked about sustainability in wellness. 

When talking about what comes to mind on the topic of wellness in sustainability, Erin Yakunich mentions, “for me it’s more of a balance and consistency in a couple core things: my mood, mental health, energy levels, and how my body is adapting to what I’m doing or the resiliency of my body…that’s the most simple way I could put it,” says Yakunich. 

George, Mae, and Yakunich made it clear that the definition of wellness is going to be different and unique to everyone, but mental health should always come to mind when thinking about wellness. Learning how to breathe and being able to control your breath can be more beneficial than anything else.

One of the more important topics of today’s show was how to control your breath especially for those who suffer from bad anxiety. Dani Mae, who is considered a breath expert, had this to say about breathing: “The first step, by far, is awareness…There’s tons of breathing techniques that you can implement. Really acknowledging and getting aware of your own breathing habits (not taking enough deep breaths, holding your breath for too long), but also the massive benefits of breath.”

Later in the show we talked to Erinn DeJose who is part of a group called IStroll, which is based in Tampa. The organization, IStroll, is a community of parents that want to set a good example of healthy living for their kids. Building community and getting exercise is what the organization stands for. 

Dejose emphasizes how important it is for parents and their kids to get that healthy connection with other adults and kids. The group meets at various parks in Tampa four times a week.

If you missed the show, or just loved it so much you want to listen again, you can find it in the archives below