Sustainable Living Holiday Program

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On Monday’s Sustainable Living holiday program we talked with two local community heroes.

First, is one of the coolest moms in this part of the world; Tanja Vicdovic created an edible organic landscape for their family’s solar powered home and practices sustainability, biking, creating community orchards, plus many other earth friendly efforts.

Also, ‘Jungle Jay’ Hardman joined us. He’s one of Florida’s most respected senior permaculture practitioners. Jay is an archeologist, anthropologist, and a dear friend.

Tanja recently won a sexual discrimination case against the City of Tampa where she worked for the fire department. Jay, and others in the community were present during the trial to show their support. This interesting story ended up being the focus of the program, but we did talk about Tanja’s sustainability efforts, from cloth diapering and recycling to her yard being fully planted as an organic edible landscape, her home with solar panels on the roof, solar pool heater, and Tanja riding her bike to drop her kids off to school and to work.

She has been a vocal advocate for allowing backyard chickens in Tampa and Safety Harbor, and has started seven local community orchards and the Tampa Bay Garden Swap Facebook page. Jay talked about his involvement with the Beacon Hills Community Garden, and his many other sustainability efforts.