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Andrew Warren

Ten Hillsborough residents regain voting rights through “Rocket Docket”

Ten Hillsborough County residents are getting their right to vote back Tuesday afternoon after serving their felony sentences. That’s despite the fact that they are too impoverished to pay for fines and court fees. Hillsborough...
civil rights restoration ex-felons register to vote as amendment goes into effect

Ex-felons register to vote in Florida as amendment takes effect

Florida’s rights restoration amendment went into effect Tuesday; that means most people who had lost their rights because of a felony conviction can now register to vote. On Tuesday morning, college student Barry Haugabook re-registered...
Florida election recount

Hillsborough Supervisor of Elections: most Florida ex-felons can register to vote beginning Tuesday

Hillsborough County’s Supervisor of Elections says that he’ll let many ex-felons register to vote beginning Tuesday, even though Florida’s governor-elect has a different opinion. Tuesday is when the recent voter-approved amendment on voting rights restoration...
Florida election recount

How can Florida get better at counting votes in elections?

How can Florida get better at counting votes in elections? The outgoing ACLU of Florida executive director suggests uniformity This month’s election in Florida saw machine breakdowns, hundreds of votes lost during recounts, confusing ballot...
Election Day 2018 Tampa, Florida

Speaking to Election Day voters in Florida

Florida should know the results of highly anticipated races for Governor and U.S. Senator by the evening of Election Day; Republican Gubernatorial candidate, former Congress member Ron DeSantis, and his wife voted early Tuesday morning...
John Morgan Florida attorney governor 2018 election Suncoast Tiger Bay Club St. Petersburg

John Morgan: Florida tort reform let nursing homes “cook ’em alive” after Irma

Attorney John Morgan says he still has not decided if he’s going to run for Florida governor next year — he told the Suncoast Tiger Bay Club in St. Petersburg Wednesday that it depends on...
Tampa Tiger Bay rights restoration forum

State Attorney calls Florida’s ex-felon rights process a “poll tax”

If supporters can gather another 700,000 certified signatures by February 1, Floridians will vote in November of 2018 whether to grant most ex-felons their civil rights, including the right to vote; on Friday the Tampa...
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Restorative Justice Coalition of Tampa to meet Saturday

A new activist group in Tampa, Restorative Justice Coalition, is pushing to reduce prison recidivism and bring under-served communities closer together; their first workshop is this Saturday at the Peace House in Temple Terrace. WMNF...
Sean Shaw supports felon rights restoration

Ex-felon rights restoration clinic in Tampa Saturday

After an ex-felon has served his time in Florida, his civil rights are not automatically restored; unlike most states, Florida keeps thousands of ex-felons from voting and a from number of other basic citizenship rights....

ACLU of Florida on redistricting and “prison Gerrymandering”

During the recent special session to re-draw Congressional districts, the Florida Legislature did not end up agreeing on maps; but during the discussion there was renewed focus on how prisoners affect the population of districts...

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