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The Scoop: Fri. May 31st, 2024 Tampa Bay and Florida headlines by WMNF

Former President Donald Trump has been convicted on 34 counts of falsifying business records, and Florida deals with an abundance of pythons.
Donald Trump

Floridians react to the Trump guilty verdict: outrage and praise

Florida Republicans attacked the conviction of former President Trump, while Democrats said the verdict showed nobody is above the law.
abortion access

In Florida, Kamala Harris put a spotlight on abortion politics

The day a Florida law took effect preventing abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, Vice President Kamala Harris campaigned in Jacksonville.
abortion rights rally

Florida Democrats look to the abortion issue for an election boost

Democrats are galvanizing around abortion as a “front and center” issue that they say could affect races up and down the ballot in November.

WMNF News poll on the costs of housing and insurance in Florida

Republicans are more likely to blame the federal government for high insurance costs while Democrats are more likely to blame the state.
Donald Trump

Donald Trump endorses Joe Gruters for Florida Chief Financial Officer in 2026

President Donald Trump is already putting his thumb on the scale in the campaign to succeed Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis.
Donald Trump

Donald Trump dominates Florida’s GOP primary; Ron DeSantis comes in third place

Former President Donald Trump dominated Florida’s 2024 GOP presidential primary; Nikki Haley came in 2nd.
Ron Filipkowski

What happened to Sarasota?

Once a quiet corner of moderate Republicans who supported the arts and planned parenthood, Sarasota has morphed into a politically polarized hotbed of right wing extremism. What happened to Sarasota? Joe Gruters. The state senator...
Gulfport election day

The Florida Democratic Party isn’t having a 2024 presidential primary; could it suppress votes for local Democrats?

The 2024 Gulfport race for city council between April Thanos and Tom Bixler is on the day of Florida's presidential preference primary.

WMNF News poll: Trump leads Biden in Florida, even among 18-29 year olds

This WMNF News poll finds that in the 2024 election Donald Trump leads Joe Biden among all age categories in Florida, even young voters.
Florida wetlands

Environmental groups oppose a stay in the fight over wetlands permitting in Florida

Environmental groups argue that Florida's request for a stay would “create confusion and perpetuate violations” of the Endangered Species Act.
Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks to Trump Rally attendees.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis drops his bid for president, endorsed Donald Trump

Florida's Ron DeSantis dropped his bid for president, saying he didn’t have a “clear path to victory.” He endorsed Donald Trump.

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