Florida Wildlife Corridor

Florida Wildlife Corridor

The Florida Cabinet will consider Florida Wildlife Corridor land conservation deals on Wednesday

The Florida Cabinet will consider proposals to spend more than $40 million to limit development on four ranches.
Florida Wildlife Corridor

Preserve or develop? The race against time to protect the Florida Wildlife Corridor

The effort to protect the integrity of Florida’s landscape, including via the Florida Wildlife Corridor, is a race against time. 
Florida Wildlife Corridor

Florida’s Chief Financial Officer questions the costs of land deals

Jimmy Patronis suggested the state should have looked again at the prices of three land conservation deals that totaled $193 million.
Florida Wildlife Corridor

A deal to purchase agricultural land for the Florida Wildlife Corridor could happen on Tuesday

Florida would pay $122 million for 25,039 acres in what is known as the Caloosahatchee-Big Cypress Corridor in Hendry and Collier counties.
Florida Wildlife Corridor

Florida lawmakers support tying gambling money to the environment

Legislative leaders have agreed to use hundreds of millions of dollars in gambling money to help pay for environmental projects.
Conservation photographer Carlton Ward Jr.

Photographer Carlton Ward Jr. widens conservation efforts to the Gulf of Mexico

Photographer Carlton Ward Jr., who has spent years trying to protect and preserve the Florida Wildlife Corridor, is now turning his conservation efforts on the Gulf of Mexico. Ward, whose images of Florida panthers and...
Florida Wildlife Corridor

The Florida Legislature is considering using gambling money to help the environment

Gambling money could help pay for further expansion of the Florida Wildlife Corridor and other environmental projects.
Florida springs

Florida Right to Clean Water amendment will have to wait until 2026; plus environmentalists oppose the Bellmar development in Florida panther habitat

Organizers plan to get the Right to Clean Water amendment on Florida's 2026 ballot instead. Plus: opposition to Bellmar development.

Land along Florida’s Rainbow River gets conservation protections

Florida will shield 135 acres along the Rainbow River in Marion County from development, the group Conservation Florida said.
WMNF Daily news digest, called "The Scoop"

The Scoop: WMNF’s daily digest of news headlines for Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Listen here: New College of Florida faculty censures board of trustees New College of Florida faculty have voted to censure the college’s Board of Trustees. Faculty mentioned a long list of grievances in a letter...
Florida Wildlife Corridor

Florida Cabinet approves over 35,000 acres of conservation lands

The Florida Wildlife Corridor will continue to grow by thousands of acres, following approval by the Florida Cabinet on Tuesday. Listen: The newly-approved conservation lands in nine Florida counties will allow conservation and agriculture projects...
Florida Wildlife Corridor

State will consider expansion of the Florida Wildlife Corridor

State officials could direct $100 million to protect 35,500 acres of ranchland for the growing Florida Wildlife Corridor.

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