Professor Lawrence Lessig

JUNETEENTH and The Quest for Freedom

The real celebration of freedom in the U.S. is June 19. Today, a look at Congressional efforts to end the “Punishment Loophole” in the 13th...
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MidPoint: Florida’s New Immigration Laws

Local Immigration lawyers Chelsea Nowel and Ananis Makar joined Shelley for an overview of the new punitive and disruptive Florida immigration laws that threaten the...
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The First Amendment Fundamental Freedoms

The basic freedoms under the first amendment to the U.S. constitution is explored across a multiplicity of quality of life issues. Patró Mabíli substitutes, taking...
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Free Speech Where Freedom Comes To Die

Free Speech is under threat in the U.S. and especially Florida where fascist rulers manufacture punitive law. A Free Speech event is on April 29,...
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MidPoint: Bloggers and Pundits Beware!

New legislation proposed by the Republican super-majority would make it easier to suppress free speech in Florida by requiring bloggers who write about the Governor’s...
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Dan Ruth is Back & He’s Got  Some Things to Say!

Dan Ruth is Back and He’s got Some Things to Say!
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Lawrence Lessig

Lawrence Lessig may run for president on clean elections platform

Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig has launched an exploratory campaign to run for President of the United States in 2016; his main issue is to give individual voters more power in elections by reversing the tendency of...

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