Seán Kinane

St. Petersburg City Council candidate

Black Power 96 radio responds to its grant being revoked by Pinellas County Commission

The Pinellas County Commission voted to take away funding that it approved last year for Black Power 96 radio; we speak with Akile Anai.

How bad are things for transgender kids in Florida? This mother is moving her family out of state

A Tampa Bay area mother says she is moving out of Florida with her transgender daughter because of policies championed by Gov. DeSantis.
Reindeer moss

Here’s what Dunedin’s newest park – Gladys E Douglas Preserve – looks like

Photos and video of rosemary bald and reindeer moss from the new Gladys E. Douglas Preserve that opened last month in Dunedin, Florida.
vote voters voting elections Pinellas

Tuesday, March 14 is Election Day for many Pinellas cities and towns — what you need to know

Tuesday, March 14 is Election Day for many Pinellas cities and towns. Here's what you need to know to vote.
2023 election

Hear from all the Tampa City Council candidates in Districts 4, 5 and 6

On Tuesday Cafe we heard from all the candidates for three Tampa City Council seats: Districts 4, 5 and 6.

WMNF’s daily digest of news headlines for Wed. Feb. 15, 2023

Daily digest of news headlines produced at WMNF in Tampa, Florida on 15 February 2023.
University of South Florida Tampa development Biology

What’s new with efforts to conserve the USF Forest Preserve?

Find out the latest about efforts to conserve the USF Forest Preserve. WMNF speaks with Ph.D. candidate Christian Brown.

Two experts examine the state of education in Florida

We look at education in Florida: banned books, private school vouchers, menstrual histories of student-athletes, AP African-American History.
Swedish students

High school students from Sweden point out differences with the U.S. like guns and free health care & college

We talked with students from Sweden about what it’s like in the U.S. compared to Sweden for things like health care and education.
health and climate

A doctor talks about the health impacts of climate change in Florida

We talked about the ways that people's health is being impacted and will continue to be affected by climate change with Dr. Paul Robinson.

New College alumni and UFF push back after DeSantis appoints 6 Trustees

The President of United Faculty of Florida & a New College of Florida alumnus slam Governor DeSantis for appointing 6 conservative Trustees.
Florida springs and fresh water

Update on threats to Florida’s freshwater springs

The Florida Springs Council won an appeal and will get a Department of Administrative Hearing on a controversial bottled water permit.

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