“Taking Care of Your Mental Health” on Morning Energy

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Mental Health Awareness Month has been observed in May in the United States since 1949 by Mental Health America and many other affiliates across the country. Mental Health Awareness Month provides an opportunity to educated and increase awareness about mental illness.

Mental illness is one of the most neglected health problems in the world.  Additionally, social stigma and discrimination can make mental health problems worse by preventing people from seeking out the help that they need.  Mental Health problems can affect anyone, and it has also increased in recent years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Morning Energy we are going to spend time discussing mental health as it relates to our personal and professional lives. We will also hear tips about how to approach someone who is living with a Mental Health condition (to include what to avoid saying or doing).

Join me, Renna Reddick Friday from 4 to 6 a.m. for a special musical journey about this topic! I am definitely looking forward to spending time with you on the airwaves and sharing your energy!!!

Morning Energy