Teacher unions gather to voice concern over Florida legislation

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Two major teachers’ unions teamed up to spread awareness about recent government attacks on diversity, equity, and inclusion in Florida schools, as well as other concerns affecting Florida education from pre-k to graduate school.

The United Faculty of Florida and the Florida Education Association held a “Public Education Day of Action” on Tuesday, focused on protecting and preserving Florida’s public education system against what they call recent attacks by Governor DeSantis.

State Representative Yvonne Hinson, a former special education educator, slammed DeSantis.

“Let’s be clear: what’s going on, what we are witnessing, is a complete takeover of Florida’s public universities. This includes the curriculum, freedom of speech, CRT, DEI, ESG, hiring and firing, we are living in a period not unlike 1930’s Germany” Hinson said.

President of the United Faculty of Florida, Andrew Gothard, encouraged the public to mobilize to fight for education.

“Continue to contact your legislators, continue to support the work of Representative Yvonne Hinson and the Florida legislature, continue to reach out to local students, faculty, and staff about how you as allies can continue to support public education, and let’s get in this fight to win it because the future of Florida hangs in the balance.”

DeSantis has promised more education reform in his second term and claims that his policies are made to defend children against those who seek to rob them of their innocence.