“Thank You, For Reading My Book!” on Life Elsewhere

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“Thank you, for reading my book!” You’d think that would be an odd comment for an author to utter to a talk-show host. After all, if you are going to interview someone about a book they have taken the time to write, the least you could do is read it. The fact is, as most writers will tell you, talk-show hosts seldom read the whole book, instead, they rely on the press release stuffed inside their new tome. So, “Thank you, for reading my book!” is said in earnest and with genuine surprise every time Norman B wraps an interview. This is what sets Life Elsewhere apart from all the other interview shows where producers scan through the PR material and bios to come up with suitable questions for the host to ask guests. At Life Elsewhere, Norman actually reads the books and asks questions authors are not expecting but delighted to hear.

Make sure you don’t miss the next edition of Life Elsewhere with author Amor Towles on his new novel, A Gentleman In Moscow and hear why he says, “Thank you, for reading my book!”

Life Elsewhere Show #186 airs:
Sundays 12 noon ET at The Source WMNF HD3