The Life Elsewhere Valentines Special 2022

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To explore this funny ol’ thing we call love, six distinguished and talented guests were invited to answer two seemingly simple questions: 1. What Is Love? 2. What Is Your Favorite Love Song? Our guests quickly voiced the same conclusion, to question number one. The answer will have a different meaning depending on the circumstances. On reflection, everyone agreed, it’s a difficult question, yet all the guests gave truthful, honest, and perhaps self-revealing answers. For some guests, the answer to question number two was easy, they were ready with exactly which song to choose. While a couple of our guests may have chosen more than one favorite love song, given the opportunity. The answers to both questions are surprising, see if you can match the favorite love song to the correct guest. The guests Toronto-based singer-songwriter, musician, and poet, Barzin English singer-songwriter, Alice Kat Writer and social commentator, Kate Clarke Irish singer-songwriter, Keeley Alternative musician, Chris Connelly Iowa City-based singer-songwriter and bass player, Pictoria Vark   The Songs Toploader – Dancing In The Moonlight Caetano Veloso – Cucurrucucu Paloma (Hable Con Ella) Fleetwood Mac – Silver Springs Terry Clarke – Walk With Me Tracey Ullman – They Don’t Know David Bowie – Wild Is The Wind Show 461