The secrets of Esoteric healing with special guest Chuck Pisa

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In this episode of the Healthy Steps radio show, Dr. Fred Harvey and his guest Chuck Pisa discuss the complementary energy medicine modality known as Esoteric Healing.

Here’s what Chuck Pisa and I cover:
1. How Esoteric Healing can be used to shift the body’s frequency to prevent or alleviate illness and disease.
2. How the heart field is much bigger and more powerful than the brain field, and how the heart is the center of our being.
3. How Esoteric Healing can be used to work on the subtle bodies, including the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

Chuck Pisa is a longtime friend of Dr. Fred Harvey and an amazing energy worker. He is licensed in massage, and he’s also an ordained priest. Chuck’s unique blend of necessary healing, reconnection therapy, and coaching allows all healing aspects, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, to proceed according to the client’s specific needs using various self-discovery systems.