There could be a special session of the Florida legislature soon

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There are signs that there will be a special session of the Florida legislature soon. At a press conference this week, Governor Ron DeSantis said, “I think they’re going to do a special session in a week or two.” Florida lawmakers are thinking about taking away some of Disney’s special district powers by taking over the company’s district board. Disney’s special district is called Reedy Creek Improvement District and has existed since the late 1960s. This district allows Disney to operate about 40 square miles of land around its parks like a county government.

According to the television station WP TV, if lawmakers do this, Disney would have to pay off its debt of more than 700 million dollars without risk to taxpayers. State Representative Randy Fine said, “A private company should not be able to direct government policy. We have lots of special districts in Florida, but they will all be accountable to the people, not to any one private company.”