Update from WMNF Board President on Rob Lorei’s termination appeal

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Dear WMNF supporters, volunteers and listeners,

We want to share with you what we can regarding the ongoing appeal by Rob Lorei of his termination from the station. The station’s board of directors is very sensitive to the emotions and feelings some of you are experiencing as this process moves ahead. This is due to the fact that it is a confidential employee grievance and we are very limited in what we can say or do in order to preserve Rob’s rights and to protect the station.

The Personnel Committee of the board has completed its work collecting the pertinent employee documents and interviewing those directly involved in the termination. The committee was diligent and meticulous in its effort, which now is being made available to all board members privately before the next board meeting, on March 18. We anticipate taking up Rob’s formal grievance at a private portion of the board during that March 18 meeting, after which point we may be able to speak more about the matter publicly.

We expect to communicate the final decision on the grievance within the week following the board meeting.  We understand that you have many questions, and while we will never be able to discuss all confidential aspects of the matter, we know that we need to have a deeper conversation with you once the grievance is heard, and we promise you that conversation.

The board is also aware of the many social media comments, emails and petition signatures regarding Rob’s termination. Board members are being given access to hundreds of emails sent to the board and station about it. Nothing about this situation is being withheld or hidden from the board. No matter the outcome of the grievance process, board members understand the breach of trust some supporters feel. We know we have a lot of work ahead of us.