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By the time the next edition of Life Elsewhere airs, the World Cup will be over. The fate of the English team will have been decided. Could masses of English people be celebrating and dancing in the streets? Coincidently, another momentous event will also have come and gone. But, we can safely predict the masses of people will be gathering in the street but they will certainly not be dancing. Donald Trump’s visit to the UK is promising to enrage such large numbers of protesters that police forces across the country are drafting officers into London to maintain “law and order”. Meanwhile, a gigantic orange Trump Baby balloon, 19 feet high with tiny hands, dressed in a diaper was approved by London Mayor, Sadiq Khan to fly for two hours on the morning of Friday, July 13, at the same time as the “Stop Trump” march in central London. In anticipation of these two historical events, we have assembled a trio of thoughtful Englishmen to hear their reactions to the visit that has caused so much advanced fury in England. We may even glean a World Cup prediction. Tim Orchard is a droll fellow, he imparts a particularly English vein of wit in his novel, Stickle Island. While he insists his views on the visit of Trump to Blighty are his own, you can be sure Tim is speaking for a quite a few fellows down at the pub. While Peter James, author of quintessential English crime-thriller novels is never at loss to share an opinion. The debonair, best-selling, writer, takes to the task with the panache we expect from the creator of the Roy Grace series. Dead If You Don’t, the latest in the detective-thriller series has just been published. Our third guest is a man Norman B says, “I’ve always wanted to chat to Rat Scabies, even after forty years, his amazing drum-roll-intro to The Dammed”s now classic, New Rose, remains unsurpassable!” Chris Miller, aka Rat Scabies, joins the show and amiably talks about his new and first solo album titled P.H.D. (Prison, Hospital, Debt). True to form, Chris, one of Punk’s legends, opines about everything from punk to the visit of Mr. Trump.

Tim Orchard
Peter James
Rat Scabies











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