USF public health expert Jay Wolfson breaks down latest COVID-19 surge in Florida

COVID-19 pandemic vaccine

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Jay Wolfson, distinguished professor of public health medicine and pharmacy and associate vice president for health law, policy and safety for USF Health, has a lot of ways to compare decisions about receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, including to Russian Roulette.

Speaking on The Scoop with host Janelle Irwin, Wolfson posed the question: Would you be willing to point a gun to your head and pull the trigger if there was a bullet in one of six chambers? How about 100? 1 million? 5 million?

The point was clear: choosing not to get vaccinated is a risk, but at what point does that risk become too great?

Florida is currently seeing its worse surge of COVID-19 ever, exceeding daily new case and hospitalization records set last summer, before vaccines were widely available. On Tuesday, the Florida Hospital Association reported 11,515 COVID-19 hospitalizations in just one day, the most ever. Before that, on Friday, the state tallied more than 21,000 new cases of the virus, again exceeding the previous daily record.

Wolfson breaks down what this new surge means, why it’s happening, and what Floridians, both those vaccinated and those not, can do about it. He also addresses parents’ concerns about the virus as kids prepare to return to the classroom next Tuesday in Hillsborough County and Wednesday in Pinellas, without mandatory mask requirements in place.

Watch the interview here: