WMNF Summer Fund Drive


Our fund drive goal is to raise some serious $$ for the station. Seventy (70) percent of our budget comes from listener donations. This keeps us truly non-commercial. Not only do we not have to play advertisements; we aren’t beholden to big corporations for their dollars, and don’t have to tailor what we do to suit them. We tailor what we do to suit our community.

We will be raising $220k in the next 7+ days, donation by donation, dollar by dollar. Thank you for any and all support that you give to this wonderful radio station. If you think that you are current on your membership, you might be–but we find that a lot of people think they are and it has been 2 or 3 years since their last donation.

Please call 813.238.8001 to donate, or hit up the tip jarson your favorite shows’ pages. You can also donate through our new app!

WMNF has a super happy retro snaz shirt to send you as a thank you present. Many of our programmers have created t-shirts that promote the station and a show.

Indie fm the It’s the Music strip (M T W Th), and the Saturday Asylum,  the Saturday Night Shutdown,all have cool shirts, and  the Dream Clinic  is giving a bunch of vintage WMNF shirts as thank you presents.

WMNF 2016 Summer Tshirt FINALIndie FM - T-Shirt [White, Stacked, Heather Blue]

SNS front
ITM t shirt summer 2016WMNF3_straightjacket_REV_mockup











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WMNF is listener-supported. That means we don't advertise like a commercial station, and we're not part of a university.

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WMNF volunteers have fun providing a variety of needed services to keep your community radio station alive and kickin'.

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