Mi Gente Mi Pueblo – Latinx Art Exhibit & Festival

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Latinx Art Exhibit & Festival – This year’s theme:  Aquí está Mi Gente: Diáspora Latina

The complexity of the Latinx culture is often reduced to a single monolith of stereotypes and assumptions. The absence of authentic stories across the Latinx diaspora has only caused tension and division among Mi Gente.

The real magic of Mi Gente is a combination of our shared experiences, cultural connection, and our unique differences that creates the beautiful tapestry of Latinx communities.

In unison, we raise our voices and reach for a community often left out of the American narrative. The keystone event, Mi Gente Movida allows all of us to not only listen to the current story unfolding of our Latinx friends, families, and neighbors, but to have the tools to write ourselves into the story the way we deserve.

We seek to connect with leaders who engage or identify as Latinas, Latinos, Hispanics, Spanish Speakers and are in the pursuit of unity and equity. We invite the cultivation of ideas on how to move forward as a united community. Be a part of this unprecedented and transformative journey. Join us as we amplify our visibility.


  1. Developing & Amplifying the Latinx Narrative: Stories & Data
  2. Reimaging Healing Spaces: Belonging
  3. Building Sustainability & Strategy for Advocacy: Social Change

Who Are we? Our Values:

Equity, Inclusive, Community, Learning, Authenticity, Celebration, Expansion


Activities Include:

  • Mi Gente Mi Pueblo Welcome
  • Art Exhibit: Aquí está Mi Gente: Diáspora Latina
  • Community Art Experience: Paper Flowers
  • Latinx Arts & Cultura Festival
  • Community Art Experience: Graffi Art Workshop
  • Folkloric Dancers
  • Latinx Art Performances (spoken word)


  • October 8, 2022
    2:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Venue Phone: (727) 313-2250

Venue Website:

5663 N Park Blvd, Pinellas Park, Florida, 33781, United States