WMNF’s Fall Fund Drive is Happening

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WMNF traditionally has a fund drive at the beginning of October every year so we can have lots of money to buy Halloween candy and costumes facilitate the rest of our new fiscal year.

This year we are celebrating with our community as well. We have a new General Manger, Craig Kopp. We just got a big grant from Hillsborough County to help replace our aging and obsolete tower. We have this spanky new website! Our new schedule launched early in 2015. We are getting ready to build a new app, tweak our festivals (Ukeleles!!!), push the envelope on some broadcast ideas, and have a blast with great concerts, music shows, and insightful news and public affairs.

The goal of this drive is for the station to raise $240,000. The drive runs from 6am Wednesday (10/7) through the big Finale late morning on the following Wednesday (10/14). You can as always call in to 813.238.8001 to donate, or use this website, or our favorite, come over to 1210 E. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd in Tampa and walk your donation in and see our wonderful station.

There are a few things that are different for this drive. More music on music shows; more news on news shows; less pitching on all shows. Some of the programmers are planning music specials for their fund drive show (Katarina of Indie fm has had a survey up about best songs of 2015 so far and will be playing the results on Thursday night at 8pm).

One of the other differences is that the tip jar works a little differently know, and we hope you will explore it. If you like to give online, you can give through the tip jar on the mobile app, and you can give through the tip jar on any page on the website. You can sign up to be a supporter and manage some of your info on the website (we are moving towards a fully interactive model on the site but that takes some serious $$$flow). You can choose a few items as thank you gifts for your donation dollars. Please go ahead and explore.  If you have any issues, please write [email protected]

A big sloppy, huggy, happy thanks to the community that gets the fund drives going–the volunteers who come in and answer phones and send out the t-shirts, add up the donations, and make sure everyone is fed; the restaurants and chefs who provide delicious and oddly calorie free meals and treats for the volunteers and staff; the staff and board members who get into the guts of running a community radio station and make it so; and the wonderful, generous listeners who never ever have to give a dime or any time, and yet do, kindly, thoughtfully and passionately.

From all of us, to all of you,

Thank you.

WMNF30_licenseplate_ladies_mock (plus we have these cool t-shirts as thank you gifts!)