WMNF’s Fall Fund Drive October 4-11, 2018

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WMNF launches our Fall Fund Drive with a goal of $235,000

WMNF Community Radio will begin our final fund drive of the year, aiming to raise $235k to keep the station thriving and serving our fantastic community. For 39 years the people of the Tampa Bay area, and the Central West Coast of Florida have said YES to WMNF. YES to volunteers on the air. YES to eclectic programming. YES to local news stories. YES to paying attention to local issues. YES to opening our airwaves to our neighbors. YES to local musicians, artists, poets, playwrights, creators, and farmers. YES to reporting on the environment. 

WMNF has one of the highest rates in the country, if not the highest, of our donors paying their pledges. This isn’t just because our membership team is astonishingly good (they are), but because our listeners, listeners like you, want to make sure we keep doing right by the community. 

WMNF is where you will sit in your car for a few extra minutes, because that song you didn’t know you needed to hear today is playing. WMNF is there when the world has yet another crisis, and you want to hear a calm discussion about it, not people yelling fake news. WMNF is the soundtrack to Saturday night when it is time to move your body. 

WMNF needs your help for this fund drive. You can be as generous as you can afford to be. Can you donate $100 a month? $10 a month? $1,000 a month (hey, gotta ask!)? How about $88.50? Your donations pay the bills, the salaries, and keep the equipment and other tools of the station working profoundly well, so we can do what we are here for. Last year WMNF stayed on the air throughout Hurricane Irma, reporting on lines down, unsafe conditions, and other important info, and played great music in between so it would remind all of us that life returns to normal.

Please donate through the tip jar above, or on the show page of your favorite programs.
Or call 813.238.8001 to donate, or use the WMNF app.