WMNF’s Last. Local. Fund. Drive. (for 2018)

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Several people have asked me recently,
“How can you call WMNF The. Last. Local. Radio in Tampa Bay?”


Simple answer… because it is.

Yes, there are local radio shows on other stations. But their home offices are somewhere else.

As best I can figure, WMNF 88.5fm is the last full-powered FM that represents for the radio that once was.

We can’t be more locally owned. You, our WMNF listeners, supply 70% of our operating budget.

We have one big national show, “Democracy Now”.

But the rest of our news and public affairs programming is generated by our News department or volunteers.

Our music air staff is nearly all volunteer. People who live and work all over Tampa Bay and volunteer their talents on the WMNF airwaves.

If you are a local band, you’ve got a real shot at being heard on WMNF.

WMNF responds to you like radio did in the days when more of the stations were locally owned.

We answer the phones, 24/7. We respond to your emails. You can walk in the door and probably end up talking to a programmer, a staffer or, even, the General Manager.

I have been around long enough to know that’s how local radio, commercial and non-commercial, used to be.

And it is still that way at WMNF — The. Last. Local. Radio. In Tampa Bay.

Radio is not dead. 93 percent of everybody listens over the air or streams radio. Way more than all those streaming services you hear about.

But there are plenty of people who have never experienced real local radio like WMNF.

That’s why we’re telling everybody about The. Last. Local. Radio in Tampa Bay.

Keeping local radio alive can help keep our community more alive — with conversation, musical discovery and real connection.

That’s why our Fall Fund Drive – and every fund drive – is so important to Tampa Bay.

And that’s why your help, through a pledge, volunteering or just spreading the word is so important

You can be a part owner in WMNF – The. Last. Local. Radio. —  by making a pledge of support right now at 813-238-8001 or right here on this website through the tip jar.



Craig Kopp

General Manager