WMNF’s Volunteers make our world a better place

Dood (Zentripz) & Pamela (NBSF Board)

WMNF Community Radio had our Volunteer Awards party this past weekend for all of our active volunteers. We celebrate and appreciate and frankly, adore, pretty much everyone who comes and helps out at the station. With 400-600 volunteers a month and a small staff, we are very clear that WMNF would not be here if it were not for the volunteer power that lights us up. We have some pictures from the party below. 

Our beloved Barbara Lewis wasn’t able to attend, so GM Craig Kopp gave her the award this morning. She was completely surprised!

Craig gives Barbara the Lifetime Achievement Award, for her many contributions in many ways to WMNF, as Flee looks on.

So, THANK YOU to all of our fantastic volunteers. They give thousands of hours of their time to this wonderful radio station.

Some people go above and beyond, week in and week out, and we wanted to take a little extra time and highlight their help and talent for 2017: 

Volunteer Awards 2017
Administrative Volunteer of the Year  Joanna & Michael Kellogg
Administrative Recognition  Charlie Cushing
Vicki Santa Development Volunteer Stuart Mellish
Membership Volunteer of the Year   Jim Campoli
Dave Roosa Special Events Volunteer Jan Simpson
Special Events Recognition Bill Brehm
Operations Volunteer of the Year       Tom & Marcie Connors Joe Remo
NBSF Board Member of the Year     Pamela Robinson
Desk  Doug Guido
Gabrielle Ayala
Anne Haywood
Deborah LeMonde
Susan Oliver
Bill Grace
Jane Lomas
Alan Jankowski
Laura Lorenzen
News & Public Affairs Recognition Alvaro Montealegre 
Overnight Programmer of the Year  Zentripz Tom ‘Dood’ Shook
Music Programmer of the Year  Rev. Billy C Wirtz  ‘Rhythm Revival’
New Programmer of the Year Masani Bailey ‘The Vibe’ Jibri Bailey ‘The Vibe’
Volunteering (fund drive special)  Margaret Shepherd
Jim Drain
Frank Knox
Patty Perkey
Paula Sandusky
Kay Howell
Pamela Robinson
Nancy Creedon
Michael Mainguth
Anne Heywood
Ira Hankin
Rob Fitzpatrick
Volunteer of the Year Stuart Mellish
Lifetime Achievement  Barbara Lewis
Stu (Thursday ITM) & Dood (Zentripz)
Dood (Zentripz) & Ktuf (70s Show) selfie
WMNFers! Amy (Thurs. Traffic Jam), Christina & Jeff (Weds. Morning Show), David (360 Degrees of the Blues), Katarina & Adam (Indie FM), & Stu (Thurs ITM)
Julie is photobombing the Urban Cafe crew! Maya, Tina Marie, & Lo
Ed (Freak Show) & Bill (Music of the Isles)
Ira (Event Horizon) & Amanda (Underground Mountain)
Jibri (The Vibe), Mark (Live Music Showcase), & Rickya
Tie dyed Tuesday! Wayne (In the Groove), Dennis (Dream Clinic), & Ed (Freak Show)


Frank & Diane (Retro Jukebox) with Flee (Monday ITM)
Nancy (NBSF Board), Gail & Paul
Tina Marie, Kay, & Pamela
Craig (Waking Hour) & Greg
The 360 Degrees of the Blues crew! David, Harrison, and Sarah
Marci & Susan, wonderful volunteers
Operations! Bill, Frank, Jan, DT, & Alvaro
Urban Cafe Crew – Maya, Joshua, Tina Marie, DT, Marilyn, Joe
Live Music Showcase – Bill, Mark, Richard (seated) Steve, Sid in the back, Tom, Marci, Joe, & Umeko
Bobbie D (Mon Traffic Jam) flanked by Ann & Ed (Freak Show)
Jan & James, operations
Lo (Urban Cafe), Randy (Thurs Morning Show), Tina Marie (Urban Cafe), & Jibri (The Vibe)


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