Women’s Show 3/2 – A Day Without Women

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The beat goes on….

Trumpism continues in Washington and women continue to march.  March 8th, International Women’s Day is coming up and many groups, including Angela Davis and National Women’s Liberation, both in recognition of all that our fore-mothers did before us and the continuing struggles women are enduring today, chose International Women’s Day for a national and international strike.  “A Day Without Women.” 

May we never forget 137 women who perished in the Triangle Shirtwaist factory on February 5, 1911.  May we remember the Russian women and children who marched on the czar begging for bread.  May we never forget the millions of women in the US, Germany, Great Britain and Moscow who marched against nuclear above-ground testing.  The women in this country, called before McCarthy’s committee, stood up, refused to testify and marched out.  They were arrested for contempt of congress, but they and army generals who also refused to testify, discredited Joseph McCarthy and helped bring down his reign of terror.  We have a proud heritage. Our democracy now has never been more challenged and we must rise to the times.

KATE D. GRIFFITH, with the National and International Women’s Strike, and MAGALLY A. MIRANDA ALCAZAR, New York Director of the National Women’s Strike will give a historic and political perspective.  We will also discuss the op-ed by Sady Doyle in Elle, “What It Means to Go on Strike in 2017.”  Privilege?  Or continuum of the fight for freedom and justice?

What is happening locally on March 8th to celebrate International Women’s Day and local involvement in the strike?

EMMA COLLUM, Florida Director of the Women’s March and LISA PERRY and THERESA DARLINGTON will give us events planned for Tampa and St. Petersberg.

We march because we see a distant horizon where we know we can be free.

Tune in at 10 AM Thursday to hear more!  Catch us on the archives  if you miss the show Thursday!  Contact us during the show at [email protected] or call 813-239-9663.  You can also text us at 813-433-0885.

Peace and love to all,

Mary and Arlene

Arlene is recovering from her back surgery.  She is working on standing and walking and hopes to be back in a few weeks.