Women’s Show 3/9 – Happy International Women’s Day and Month

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Dare to Rise, Resist and Love! … Support A Day Without a Woman!

There are many activities in the Tampa Bay area.  Show up.  Wear your red.  Stand for what you believe in.  Stand for what you want this country to become.  Be the change you want to see.

Speaking of red, it seems time to examine The Little Red Book – no, not Mao’s, but perhaps a closer look at F. A. Hayek’s red book, Road to Serfdom.  Let’s take it farther, to The Right’s Road to Serfdom: the Dangers of Conservatism Unbound from Hayek to  Trump by CHRISTOPHER ARNDT. We will speak with CHRISTOPHER ARNDT on the show tomorrow.

Donald Trump did not come out of nowhere.  Look at the political leaders of this country.  What has happened to the Republican Party – the party of  liberty and fiscal responsibility.  Who has hijacked them?  Why is it important?  Ideas have been replaced by temperament.  The prevailing attitude is that government is the problem, the least government, the better.   Who needs an EPA – regulations on water and air? ACA?  We do.  As CHRISTOPHER ARNDT says, “Government that is limited results in politics unlimited.”   Is government the problem or is ideology turned on its heal, blinding us to the reality of our situation.

March is Women’s History Month.  And I am sad to say, in 2017, though much has changed, the reality of inequality has not.  What do we need to do to demand the respect that every human being must have to live their life?  A Day Without a Woman reverberates in the resonance of fires, strikes, beatings, torture, of women’s voices demanding to be heard and the power of – those denying the rights of those voices.  I want our daughters and the 7th generation of daughters to sing out in the full joy of happiness and accomplishment. 

NATALIE M. YELLO, Fellow, First Ms. JD Program at Stetson University College of Law will share her experience as the first Ms. Fellow at Stetson Law School and the events planned for Stetson’s First Annual Week, March 13-16.

Tune in at 10 AM Thursday to hear more!  Catch us on the archives (http://www.wmnf.org/events/womens-show/)  if you miss the show Thursday!  Contact us during the show at [email protected] or call 813-239-9663.  You can also text us at 813-433-0885.

Peace and love to all,

Mary and Arlene

Arlene is recovering from her back surgery.  She is working on standing and walking and hopes to be back in a few weeks.