Women’s Show 8/16: Red and Green “Monsters;” Kavanagh Hearings

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Red and Green “monsters” continue… Who?  What?  Why?  How dangerous?  Nutrient enhanced?

…300 tons of dead fish and aquatic life…  The tragedy is compounded by the fact that when we most need science and epidemiological data, there is none because it was discontinued.   In the guise of frugality, the scientists and engineers were dismissed and thus we lack the recording data we need. This puts us at a real disadvantage.  I think this is consistent with a governor who refused to let the word climate change be mentioned.  JACKI LOPEZ, Senior Attorney, head of the Florida branch of the Center for Biological Diversity, is a Florida native and has been with the Center since 2002. She holds a master of laws degree in environmental and land-use law from the University of Florida, a J.D. from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law and a master’s degree in urban planning from the University of Arizona. Jacki coordinates campaigns in the Southeast and Caribbean. She will discuss the blue green algae and other Florida water problems.  We were planning to discuss the lead problem in our schools, but circumstances prevent that discussion this week.

Hearings on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination will begin after the Labor Day recess (per Mitch McConnell)…

The Republicans continue to stonewall the efforts to get more of Kavanaugh’s papers and his extensive public record.  Kavanaugh was involved with the Starr investigation and impeachment papers of President Clinton, and in the Bush administration he was involved in papers which attempted to legalize torture.  Many feel he is a danger to health, women’s reproductive rights, and a very real danger to the Mueller investigation.  He seems content with an imperial president and is one of the many who would like to repeal the 17th amendment.  What is the 17th amendment?  It guarantees our right as voters to elect our US senators, and not the right of state legislatures to appoint them.  Is that radical enough?  JESSICA MASON PIEKLO, Vice President, Law and the Courts, Rewire.  Jessica  is a writer and adjunct law professor in Boulder, Colorado.  She will discuss this nominee further.

Tune in today to hear these amazing women.  

Finally, congratulations to the one and only RBG on her 25 years as a Supreme Court Justice.  Mark your calendars – Monday, September 3rd at 9 PM CNN will air the documentary RBG. 

Mary and Arlene


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