Women’s Show discusses SOTU – Guantanamo?…TPP?…1/14

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Did you hear the SOTU Tuesday night?  Powerful words.  However, although President Obama has promised for the last 7 years that he would close Guantanamo, he has not; even though he has executive power to do so. Medea Benjamin, Co-founder of Code Pink and Global Exchange, discussed Guantanamo, Syria, drones, and Code Pink’s new effort to build a peace economy on Thursday’s show.

We also spoke with Zahara Heckscher, educator, writer, and social justice advocate, who is a “cancer thriver” only because of new biological drugs. She is quite aware that if TPP passes, the drugs she needs to survive could cost over $100,000 per year. We are talking about big pharma and other industries that will have the right to control the use, distribution, pricing and availability of their products.  We are talking life and death here.  As Physicians without Borders said, “This is the worst ‘trade treaty’ ever imagined and could result in literally millions of deaths.”

You can listen to Thursday’s show at here.