Women’s Show – “The Donald” and TPP 9/15

Donald Trump

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By Arlene Engelhardt

The Dilemma of “The Donald”…

Is he an outlier that somehow came from an outer planet? Or is he the expected product of many years of disdain for government and the people?Why have we looked the other way when we knew that torture, rendition, drone warfare, and any number of transgressions were being committed in our name?  Why did President Obama choose to “move forward” and refuse to appoint a special committee to investigate the possible serious transgressions which might have occurred? When did torture, Abu Ghraib and drones become the norm? Rochelle Gurstein, professor of history at the Bard Graduate Center, author of The Repeal of Reticence will discuss some of these issues.

 Speaking of the New World Order, remember TPP?

We’d better!  Dr. Margaret  Flowers will be joining us on Thursday to discuss it. She practiced medicine until 2007 when she started advocating full-time for a state and federal single payer health care system. She has organized and participated in numerous campaigns to promote fair trade, a new economy, and investment in peaceful public infrastructure.  She became the co-director of It’s Our Economy in order to educate, organize and mobilize around social and economic justice issues and democratization of the economy to reduce the wealth divide. She is an organizer of PopularResistance.org which grew from the Occupation of Washingon, DC.  Margaret is the co-host of radio show,Clearing the FOG.

Tune into From a Woman’s POV Thursday at 10 am to here more!