Women’s Show on Women’s Health and Climate Change

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Photo credit: Nasa Goddard Space Flight Center

New York is the anti-fracking center of the U.S.  With the primary coming up, fracking and fossil fuels are  major issues.  When Eva Resnick- Day recently asked Hillary Clinton about keeping fossil fuels in the ground, Hillary Clinton got down right testy and accused her of being a “Bernie supporter” when in fact she is an organizer for Green Peace USA. We will talk with her about that encounter, her concerns about fossil fuels, climate change and “#Fix Democracy.

Women’s Health

Don’t you wonder who is on the “Madame” list that will affect the presidential election?  And the Panama Papers?

But we know there is a two-tier economy – one for the uber-rich and powerful that is subsidized by the rest of us.  And by the way, Mr. Drumpf, abortion is legal, at least technically, in this country, and women are already being punished.  Did you really think all the feticide laws were passed to protect pregnant women?  It’s a little sad to see this issue, so important to women, considered a distraction and a sidebar to the “really important issues of the day.”  Jessica Mason Pieklo, Vice President, Law and the Courts, Rewire (formerly Rh Reality Check) and an adjunct law professor in Boulder, Colorado, will talk about these issues.

Tune in to From a Woman’s Point of View on Thursday at 10 am.