Words of Affirmation on Morning Energy

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…Sometimes when things may not be going well in your life, hearing kind words may often help to easy the pain. Sometimes many of you, for example, will choose to call me during the program to let me know how much you enjoy listening and that you also appreciate what I strive to do for you weekly. Little do you know that your compliments are often times that EXTRA BOOST that I need to keep me pressing forward to delivered you a program that I hope will always add value to your life. During today’s program, we are going to further explore these positive sentiments that are often regarded as  “Words of Affirmation”.

Join me, Renna (your Radio Flayme)  this Friday, from 4 to 6am to be a part of this dynamic musical journey!!! Hope you are able to tune in! If not you can always listen back for a week on the Morning Energy archives.