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Beep beep! Hey, Roadrunners! The Thursday Traffic Jam will be blasting the best in Roots and Americana music for your afternoon drive, from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. (starting Thursday, January 26). Also on the playlist, new indie rock, old favorites, lotsa locals, and tunes from bands coming to the area to move music lovers to get yer butts out there, see some shows, support the scene!

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Shimmy Shine Cd – Best of BAAMO artists
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BAAMO, short for Bay Area Arts & Music Organization, Inc., relishes shining a light on the amazing original visual art being created by artists in the Greater Tampa Bay area. There is no better example of this crackling creativity than the murals all over the city of St. Petersburg. Take a gander at the SHINE ON ST. PETE website.

Track 1 “Godspeed” It’s just a fact that this is one of the most beautiful songs ever written. Here, Rebekah Pulley chimes in with Dean Johanesen. Dean is one of the hardest working journeyman musicians in the area, constantly touring, performing, teaching, and gaining new fans in every town. Catch him near you soon.

Track 2, “Land of the Living” by Have Gun Will Travel, a band so busy with national touring that we’re thrilled when they play a local show these days. Their latest album, Science from an Easy Chair is being called “a root-rock opus…HGWT’s crowning masterpiece” (Bucket Full Of Nails) and “a solid record from start to finish loaded with songs that will stand up over time” (No Depression).

Track 3, Sunny Delight. Rich Whiteley is a mainstay in Tampa Bay, working as hard as is decent and satisfying fans with the familiar and the new. Check out Rich in Uncle John’s Band most Thursdays at Skipper’s Smokehouse in Tampa and look for a new release from him in the near future.

Track 4, “Snow”. Shawn Kyle, creator of The Beauvilles, now fronts the AMFMS and spends too much time crisscrossing the country in a tour van. He calls Tampa home and performs in various configurations around downtown St. Pete and Ybor.

Track 5, “Eleven Minute Itch.” Now working as Johnny Zoom, this was a track from BAAMO’s inaugural compilation effort. We think it masters the test of time. We also think Johnny is as cute and sexy and hot as they come, all the more as a devoted husband.

Track 6, “Hearts Like Mine.” Ted Lukas has been a Tampa Bay favorite since the late 1990s, playing with Barely Pink and forming the breakout Americana band Hangtown, then working solo and starting a new band, The Misled in 2010. He’s working on a new release that should come out in late 2016 or early 2017.

Track 7, “Love, the Conqueror.” Best known for his work with St. Petersburg art-pop band The Ditchflowers, Ed Woltil has racked up awards like First Prize in the 2000 USA Songwriting Competition (Gospel) and Runner-Up in the 2006 John Lennon Songwriting Competition (Folk). On this track, the Ditchflowers are joined by a very special drummer: Ken Coomer (Uncle Tupelo, Wilco). Rumor has it that Ken heard the demo and wanted to join in.

Track 8, “Hard Times” Perpetual favorite Rebekah Pulley mixes a sly sense of humor in this tender and otherwise sad tale from her critically acclaimed release, TraLaLa. We’re still waiting for the rest of America to discover Rebekah Pulley and we will laugh, hard, when she is called an overnight sensation. She’s been working every night for a decade honing her craft.

Track 9 “Cuyahoga River Blues” He’s played it live to raves for a while. Now Will Quinlan has finally shared this silky story. “Will Quinlan turns raw emotion into rock poetry . . . real life always sounds better with loud guitars” (Tampa Tribune).

Track 10, “You Are My Sunshine.” In 2015, the City of St. Petersburg issued a challenge to its musicians: reinterpret Jimmie Davis’ classic “You are my Sunshine” to speak to a new generation. We love the spooky, dark take of this one by newcomer Renee Giaccone and hope there is more in store. Rumor has it she’s working on a 2016 release.

Track 11, “When the Tears Finally Come.” Greg Poulos is working in Sarasota and Manatee, most often with Kettle of Fish. And the superstar Shawn Brown is still coating audiences with his voice of liquid chocolate. The combination of Greg’s guitar and Shawn’s voice puts this track on a Favorite list after just one listen.

Track 12 “Goin’ Home Again.” The Briar Hill Band first recorded this song at the legendary Criteria in Miami. Reminds us of Florida’s original roots.

Track 13, “Lust Never Sleeps.” Ronny Elliott is one Tampa Bay’s best-known singer-songwriters. He’s played all around Europe, toured with Gene Vincent, Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley, played bills with Van Morrison, Patti Smith, Wilco, Pete Seeger, the Allman Brothers and too many more to remember or mention. He’s as much at home at Lincoln Center in Manhattan for the Roots Of American Music Series as he is on the tiny stage at the Cactus Cafe in Austin for South By Southwest or the Belladrum Festival in Scotland or a dingy little dive bar in Tampa.

Track 14, “Drive On.” Ricky Wilcox was still better known in Tampa Bay for Deloris Telescope when this song was released. He put out three original solo albums after he started his own project, Ricky Wilcox and The Moonsnakes, and currently plays over 200 live shows a year either solo, with his acoustic duo/trio Little Kings, original band The Moonsnakes, or as drummer with power loungers The Vodkanauts.

Track 15 “White Line Fever.” Tampa Bay’s favorite rockers, the Mojo Gurus, already have a fan base that stretches from coast to coast thanks to years of touring and producing album after album of hard driving rock and roll, acclaimed by fans and critics alike. As Grammy award winning producer Jack Douglas (John Lennon, Aerosmith, NY Dolls) says, “The Mojo Gurus write and play real deal American rock ‘n’ roll, all the fun and adventure included.” Fans are eagerly awaiting their next release.

Track 16, “Timba Timbero.” From Tales of Drink & Debauchery comes this infectious example of conga mastery from Gumbi Ortiz’s Latino Projekt, which has evolved into the band New Groove City. For the past 20 years, Gumbi has traveled the world with superstar guitarist Al DiMeola’s band, adding masterful percussion and collaborating with the team of world class musicians DiMeola collects.

The jacket of Shimmy Shine features three different murals created by two artists. On the front cover and the disc face, Chad Mize‘s “Mr. Sun” beams his iconic smile. The image, created by Griffin Advertising in the 1940s, was used by the city of St. Pete to promote tourism throughout the 1950s and 60s. Thanks to Chad Mize, Mr. Sun will be around for decades to come. This mural is located in the alley between Central Avenue and 1st Avenue North, between 5th and 6th Streets, in downtown St. Petersburg, 33701.

On the back cover, with the image also reflected on the inside flap, is another mural from Chad Mize called “Starry Eyed.” And yes, the image is intended to remind of the original supermodel, Twiggy. “Starry Eyed” is located on the wall perpendicular to Mr. Sun, in the same alley.

The inside spread features a quartet of images from the mural “Gator,” created by Pep Rally and stretching high over the yard of one of St. Pete’s original breweries, Green Bench Brewing Company (12th Street, between Central Avenue and 1st Avenue North in St. Petersburg). Green Bench is a huge supporter of live and local and it’s cool AF.

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Amy Snider

Radio and music are my life. A graduate of Boston University College of Communication with a degree in Broadcasting and Film, I work on commercial radio and book/promote and host live music events. However, it's my volunteer position at WMNF that stokes my passion! I've been a WMNF Radioactivist for a dozen years, and was part of the first-ever WMNF Evening News crew. I hosted music shows including "Disorder in the House," "Pre-Dawn Alternatives," "The Sonic Detour," and "It's the Music/Thursday Nooner." Now, I'm thrilled to be in the driver's seat for The Thursday Traffic Jam! I hope you'll join me for the ride! Your ears...will be ecstatic! Radio on!

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