Underwrite and Sponsor

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Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsorship with WMNF gives local businesses and organizations a unique opportunity to speak to our active community of listeners. Our audience has a strong relationship with WMNF. Our sponsors share in the trust and goodwill established by our strong core mission and values.

Program Underwriting

Underwriting is not like commercial radio advertising. Our program underwriting announcements are limited to 15 seconds of live reading. This can include the name of your organization, location, phone number, URL, and a brief description. It may not include a call to action or qualitative language. Contact us for rates for two announcements within the selected program or hour.

Event underwriting

We offer event underwriting is available exclusively to non-profit organizations to promote concerts, events, and other activities in a low-cost, commercial-free environment. These announcements are limited to 20 seconds. They may include a description of the event, name of the sponsoring organization, the time and location of the event, phone number, and URL. Announcements may not include qualitative language, a call to action, or an event price. Contact us for rates available in blocks of five announcements.

Website Banner Ads

Our web ads aren’t typical intrusive ads. We promote your business with a logo and link to your site. Promote your business or organization here on WMNF.org. Our listeners are increasingly reliant on the site for live shows and information. Speak to community-minded individuals with a strong investment in local businesses and culture. We offer a significant discount for non-profit event ads. Contact us for rates.

Concert Calendar

Contact us for advertising rates for our WMNF Concert Calendar. Rates are very affordable for all-size venues, with special rates for non-profits.

If you’re interested in any of these options, please call  813-238-8001.