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Nathan B. Stubblefield Foundation, Inc.

The Nathan B. Stubblefield Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization established solely to operate WMNF Community Radio.

The Board meets on the third Monday of the month, 7:15 pm, at WMNF, 1210 E. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Tampa, FL 33603 (Currently meeting on Zoom during the COVID19 health crisis).

* Note: Meetings are occasionally rescheduled due to holidays or other date conflicts (NO DECEMBER MEETING); please call the station at 813-238-8001 to confirm the date and time of any particular monthly meeting.

The Board governs the Foundation, which owns the assets of WMNF, including physical assets, the FCC license and the goodwill towards WMNF shown by the community.

The Board establishes the mission of WMNF. The Board establishes working committees that make recommendations for consideration by the full Board. The Board establishes prudent fiscal policies, approves an annual budget, secures an annual audit, conducts planning retreats, and approves personnel policies, style statements and programming policies.

The Board is responsible for strategic planning.

The Board participates in the fundraising functions of WMNF.

The Board consists of: at-large members, members selected by the RadioActivists, and a member selected by the staff. The at-large members are non-RadioActivist (ie: not active volunteers) community members selected by the Board as a whole. The Station Manager is an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Board.

Elections are held each Fall. If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, send a letter of interest to: Nominating Committee, Board of Directors, 1210 E. Dr. MLK Blvd., Tampa, FL 33603.

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To contact the WMNF board of directors, please use the Contact WMNF form and select the WMNF Board President.

Current Board Members

Community At Large Directors

Isha Del Valle – President
‘Jack’ Timmel – 1st Vice President
Dyllan Furness – 2nd Vice President
Greg Vannette – Treasurer
Jennifer Meksraitis
Jennifer Campbell
Steve “Mac” MacIssac
Scott Elliot
Geoff Gutgold

Community Youth Seats 

Emmy Lou Fuchs – Secretary
Jon “Will” Greaves

Volunteer Directors

Austin Craven
Grant Hart

Volunteer Youth Seat

David Diaz

Volunteer-Elected, Community At Large

Yvette Lewis

Staff Representative

Sam Hval

General Manager

Randi Zimmerman

Volunteer Committee

The WMNF Volunteer Committee represents the volunteers of the station to the board and staff:

Austin Craven
Doug Renck
Gabrielle Ayala (Secretary)
Grant Hart (Vice Chair)
David Diaz (Chair,  Youth Rep)
Michael ‘KTUF’ Bagby
Michael Mainguth

Volunteer Committee Minutes 2023

See also the Board Committees and Meetings page and Application for the Board of Directors

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