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Listen on the radio at home or in your car

You’ll find us on the dial at 88.5 FM throughout the Tampa Bay area. If you have an HD Radio, you can also enjoy our other channels.

Website audio player from your computer

Just click “LISTEN LIVE” next to our logo in the top of any page. Not 100% into what is on our broadcast channel? Choose from the other 3 channels!

We have 3 other channels for you to listen to, plus all archives of all of our programs. Music programs go back a week (sorry, FCC says so). News and Public Affairs programs go back for 2 years! You can reach the archives on the WMNF app or on each show’s page through the program schedule.

Listen in your own player

Download to open the WMNF stream with your favorite audio player (we are changing things up on the Soul School and New Music streams, more to come!)

Listen on your tablet or phone – GET the WMNF app!! for iOS & Android

Tune-in to WMNF’s online streams, check out upcoming events and keep up with our news and public affairs coverage with the WMNF Player. Best of all, it’s free! If you have been having issues listening, the new version bypasses the issues, and there are playlists added. We’ve also upgraded stuff at WMNF so you should be able to have a lovely listening experience!

Get it on Google PlayGet it on Google Play
 If you are having any issues with the app, please let us know by emailing [email protected].  If you are having listening issues where it loops or stops, please include what type of device you are listening on; whether you are using data or wifi; and what else is open on your device at the time. That helps us fix stuff! Thank you!

Alexa, play WMNF…

You can listen to WMNF on any of your smart speakers. We are working to make sure that they can play all of our channels too. You can ask Sonos, Echo, Charcoal (seriously, where do they come up with these names?) to play WMNF, or WMNF HD2 New Sounds, WMNF HD3 The Source, and WMNF HD4 Soul School.

Program schedules, archives, and playlists

For on-demand archives and playlists, go to the program schedule and click on the show you want to hear. We also have a schedule grid for The Source channel:


Many of our programs are available as a Podcast. Check out our Podcast page for a list of shows and how to subscribe.

Say “play Radioactivity on Apple Podcasts”

Siri and Alexa can find and subscribe to WMNF shows on Apple Podcasts. Learn more about how you can play your favorite WMNF show with Siri or Alexa.


Need more help? Just ask.

Need a player? Here are some popular ones for Windows, Mac, or Linux:

Ways to listen

WMNF is listener-supported. That means we don't advertise like a commercial station, and we're not part of a university.

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WMNF volunteers have fun providing a variety of needed services to keep your community radio station alive and kickin'.

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