First Call

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  • Thursday

    3:00 am - 6:00 am

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First Call in a well rounded Alternative music show.  The first hour: we play metal, punk and hard core. In the second hour: we dive into Industrial, Post Punk, Dark Wave and other forms of indie and then in the hour we bring you a lot of new indie and whatever else comes to mind.

Thank You Gifts available from First Call
WMNF event – Ordinary Boys & Seafang 08/11/18
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WMNF presents Ordinary Boys and Seafang Saturday August 11, 2018 8PM Crowbar

The Smith’s interpreters return

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WMNF Soccer T-Shirt
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With the World Cup coming up in June, you should show your team spirit by picking up the cool WMNF Soccer T-Shirt.  You can score the big goal for just $10.00 as a Circle of Friends sustaining contributor.


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Summer Fun Drive T-Shirt
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I just wanted to reach out to and alert you of an event that is coming up soon,


Yes, summer is fast approaching and we are all looking forward to some down time to relax, travel or head to the beach.  But we have a little work to do before we head out!  Make a contribution and pick up the the new WMNF Summer Fun Drive T-Shirt.

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WMNF 17 Ounce Beverage Bottle
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This WMNF Manna Rouge 17 ounce beverage bottle stainless steel double wall keeps beverages hot and cold longer.  BPA free.

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Guest Host – First Call
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Choose all of the music and talk on the radio. Many WMNF djs started as guest hosts. Great gift for someone you love, including your own sweet self. Music must fit the genre of the show, and First Call is pretty eclectic so that will be fun.

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WMNF Ball Cap
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You want to represent and look FOINE? Ball cap!

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Music Lovers Wall Tile
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If your life is music then you need a “Music Lovers” tile. Put your name, the name of a loved one or the name of your favorite band permanently on the Music Lover Wall in the WMNF Music Library. This can be set up in monthly contributions of $25 a month for a year. “You’ve got to find some way of saying it without saying it.” Duke Ellington

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Public Affairs Lovers Wall Tile
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If you really appreciate the informative news and public affairs that you hear on WMNF, then you are a perfect person for a News and Public Affairs Lovers Wall tile. Put you name or the name of a loved one on this wall. This can be set up to monthly contributions of $25 a month for a year.

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Tim Schroyer

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