Maybe Partying Will Help

Thursday: 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Work week got you down? Maybe Partying Will Help, your weekly rock n’roll party!

Digging deep while looking forward, DJ Ben Herring brings his vast record collection to the airwaves while keeping a pulse on the sounds of today. From early rock favorites to the Velvet Underground to 70s punk and art rock to the college rock of the 80s to the indie rock explosion of the 90s to whatever is happening today, DJ Ben Herring will play you the finest sounds he can find.

While Maybe Partying Will Help is a rock n’roll party, expect the unexpected as you join DJ Ben Herring on his musical journey that could include sojourns into African Psych, Brazilian Tropicalia, Calypso, early Ska and deep funk and soul. Get your weekend kicked off every Thursday night 8-10pm!

In 2012, DJ Ben Herring joined startup online radio station Asheville FM as a DJ hosting “Feels Like the First Time” every Friday. In 2015 Ben helped usher Asheville FM onto the FM airwaves broadcasting at 103.3. During his 7 years at AFM Ben served as the Assistant Music Director, Music Director and the Underwriting Representative in addition to hosting his show and writing over 300 album reviews.

When he moved to the Tampa Bay area in spring of 2019 he thought he was going to take a break from volunteering after being so involved in community radio for so long, but WMNF had other plans. All it took was helping one afternoon at one fund drive in the summer of 2019 to suck Ben into the amazing community at WMNF. Ben served as an assistant on Room 1210 and then hosted “Cosmic Slop” on WMNF.

Hosted by
Ben Herring

DJ Ben Herring’s musical journey began with hours of viewing on MTV in the late 80s and early 90s and listening to local college and alternative radio stations in mid-Michigan. His early years set the stage for his eclectic musical taste and set him on the journey for the finest sounds that has become a lifelong pursuit.

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